Defense Contractor Lays Off Employees

Lockheed Martin
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For the past several weeks we have been reporting about Lockheed Martin employees facing layoffs at Fallon. Now were told the defense industry giant has handed out 20 pink slips.

Fifty-year-old Deborah Bass is no longer an employee of Lockheed Martin in Fallon. She worked in their warehouse for two years. "I thought, there goes my benefits and my paycheck," Bass says.

Bass and 20 other employees were given layoff notices.

While some workers are blaming the high cost of war, others believe a contract funding the company may have run out.

Wendy Owen the vice president of communication for Lockheed Martin wouldn't confirm why the layoffs happened, but says money is always an issue.

"We are staffed at the required level for all of our contracts and in this case the requirements didn't meet the staffing here," Owen says.

Owen also told News Channel 8 the company is not planning to layoff any of the remaining 100 employees.

Bass is skeptical about that, and about the possibility of being rehired if money again becomes available. "Most of the people I have talked to that have been laid off believed we are not going back because termination is stated in the paperwork," she says.

Not only has Bass lost her job - but also her health insurance. "We have no health benefits at all, no dental, and no medical," she says.

The only thing she is left with is a severance agreement, and a lot of unanswered questions.

Many of the Lockheed Martin employees are union members. Their union will meet Saturday to discuss their future with the company.