Brothel Pays Bills in Many Ways

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A multi-million dollar expansion of the Wild Horse Canyon and Spa has left owners and prostitutes seeing dollar signs.

But, they're not the only ones bringing in the big bucks - Storey County will also see a piece of the pie.

Looking at the building it appears more like a luxury home than a brothel. The 25,000-square foot facility has 30 rooms, 10 specialty rooms, and several different "party" areas.

But for many people it's much more than that. It's a place 250 women work to pay their bills.

The madam, Susan Austin, says her girls are much more than just a pretty face. "A lot of my ladies support family. One in particular is supporting a 18 month old, her grandmother, and brother because he parents are no longer around," she says.

The facility is open 24-hours a day, seven days a week. And, with 15 to 20 women working at any given time, a lot of money can be made.

Those dollars not only only going in the pockets of prostitutes, but also to Storey County.

Owner and real estate developer Lance Gilman says it's a company with quite a potential. "The brothels are very important. I suspect the Wild Horse will generate five percent of the county's budget. Lets'say the budget is $6 million, Wild will generate $300,000," he says.

The money generated yearly in these rooms will pay for everything from county vehicles to maintenance. But were told it won't stop there...

"Life is about vision.If you can't vision it you can't have it. This is a work in progress," Gilamn says.

He plans on turning the brothel into a triple-X Disneyland, complete with pools and bungalows to create an adult fantasyland.