Tax Question Defeated in Sparks Election

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Residents of Sparks went to the polls Tuesday, or at least some of them did.

Of the 33,750 people registered to vote in Sparks, only 8,101 of them actually went to the polls.

That's a voter turn-out of only 24-percent.

Those votes have now been counted, and here are the results

In the race for Sparks Mayor, Incumbent Tony Armstrong will remain in office, garnering 6,629 votes. He defeats Gene Newhall.

The Ward 2 Sparks City Council seat was an easy decision. The incumbent, Philip Salerno, ran unopposed and will stay in office.

In Ward 4 of the Sparks City Council, Incumbent Mike Carrigan faced off against James Valline. Carrigan won that race 5,725 to 1,930.

In the race for Sparks Municipal Judge, District 2, former muni-court judge Andy Cray faced off against Incumbent Larry Sage. In that race, Sage won 4,889 to 2,845.

And as for the question on the Sparks Ballot - this one would raise property taxes to build a fire station in Wingfield Springs - the measure went down in defeat. The result were 4,416 voting no and 3,578 voting yes.