Salvation Army and Toys for Tots Donations

A couple of months ago this is the last place Shelly Blackwell would probably have envisioned herself. But just like a lot of people here her finances have taken a turn for the worse.

"There are a lot of people in needs speaking for myself. But you know jobs are scarce. I just lost my job."

The Salvation Army says its helping nearly twice as many families this year than last. Those families signed up weeks ago for assistance and had to pre-qualify to come here today. Because of the high demand, moms and dads aunts and uncles could select a little less this year one toy per child, plus a family gift.....and many would then receive a food basket.

Letty Renya says her children will be happy with anything they receive this year.

" It would be sad just my kids not having anything on Christmas morning. So it helps. I appreciate everybody that donates everything."

Volunteers here helped others make choices and get through the lines. They've heard stories of job loss, medical bills, and foreclosures. But instead of feeling a sense of hopelessness this holiday volunteer we talked to, Stacy Duncan sees the exact opposite.

" I'm seeing a lot of happy people a lot of blessings. People have donated wonderful gifts, some beautiful toys, so everyone is really happy. it's a great Christmas."

If only all of of us could see Christmas as Stacy does.