Early Caucus

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Democrats are celebrating the national party's decision to hold an early caucus here in Nevada in 2008.

The plan calls for Iowa to open the voting, with its caucus, January 14th.

The Nevada caucus would be held January 19th, followed by primaries in New Hampshire on January 22nd, and South Carolina on January 29th.

The Democratic National Committee was looking for diversity when it decided to shake up the presidential nominating calendar.

It got it, with Nevada being 25-percent Hispanic, and South Carolina, 25-percent African American.

The exposure, front page headlines, could mean big bucks for the Silver State, which already draws most of its money from tourism.

The move isn't sitting too well with New Hampshire, which has the first primary. Officials there say they're considering moving their primary to early 2008, ahead of the Iowa and Nevada caucuses.