Sparks Police Chase

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Saturday, a wild police chase ended violently, with the suspect crashing into the driveway of a Spanish Springs home.

Around 10:00AM Saturday morning, Sparks Police received a report of a possible drunk driver on Pyramid Highway and Greenbrae Drive.

The woman eluded officers, through Eagle Canyon Drive, near Spanish Springs High School and then, into two residential neighborhoods on Mercedes Drive and Rook Way.

It's amazing, considering the time of day, and what was going on around the chase, that no one got hurt, including the suspected drunk driver.

Laura Joseph's blue Saturn, finally came to a stop in the driveway of 995 Rook Way. Her path of destruction stretched ten miles, through Sparks and Spanish Springs.

It ended up with her in the Washoe County Jail, charged with a felony, eluding of police, battery of a peace officer with a deadly weapon, and possession of marijuana.

Officers had to taser Joseph.

They say she wouldn't take her foot off the gas, after crashing into a bush.

They also say she hit three parked cars; first, on Eagle Canyon Drive, then Mercedes Drive, and finally Rook Way, during the high-speed pursuit.

Many people wanted to know why the chase ended up in a residential neighborhood.

They claim Joseph's car barely missed some children who were playing outside, or walking home from church.

Police say they tried everything to get her to stop further away, but she never pulled over.

The case is being reviewed by Internal Affairs, which is standard in all police pursuits.