Going In Circles On The Relay For Life

The Reno-Sparks "Relay for Life" is warming up at Reed High School. The event officially begins at six tonight and goes all the way until 10 tomorrow morning.

Opening ceremonies begin at 6 p.m. tonight and the walk will continue throough the night into Saturday morning. The lighting of the luminaries begins as soon as the sun goes down.

If you've never seen that ceremony its really a moving and emotional time and something you might want to come down here and see.

Previously we showed you a five-gallon water jug with only about five quarters in it. We need 40,000 quarters to circle this track - which equates into $10,000 . . . or about 12 of the water jugs - each of which hold approximatley #3,500.

Rusty Ball of South Lake Tahoe heard my plea earlier this week and met me up at Zephyr Cove this morning to contribute to the cause. She says every year she saved quarters up all year long for emergency gas money when she and her husband took the R.V. out for vacation.

Her husband passed away this year and she decided to give the quarters to us for a good cause. She took one quarter though as seed money, saying she'll start collecting tomorrow for next year's quarter drive.

All money goes to the American Cancer Society for research, awareness and cancer support programs. News Channel is a a proud sponsor of this event and has its own team out there along with 49 other teams.

If you have any quarters you'd like to contribute to the cause, please come down here to Reed High School and look for the News Channel Eight Banner, we will be there.

We'll be trying to place quarters end to end and make it around the Reed High School track - at least until 8 Saturday morning.