Tree Lot Gives Away Free Trees

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The offer of Free Christmas Trees has one Reno tree lot flooded with requests from families facing tough times.

Ken Ferguson says people were lined up outside his lot as early as 7:00 AM Friday. The current economic crunch had families, who couldn't otherwise afford a Christmas tree eager to get one for free before they ran out. Ferguson says not to worry, there's plenty to go around.

As people rushed through the lot looking for a tree, there were lots of smiles and even tears of Joy. The Ferguson Farms lot is new to Reno and they wanted to do something special. They started the season with 750 Douglas Firs set aside for those in need. That was in addition to a number of trees the lot hoped to sell.

Ken says all that changed when a nearby competitor threatened him with legal action. He called home to Merlin, Oregon and told the farm to send another truckload of free trees. Whatever the reason for the move, local families are benefiting.

Ferguson says the lot near the corner of S. Virginia and Meadowood Mall Circle will remain open until Christmas Eve. He says he will be back again next year with more locations and more free trees.