Candidate May Call for Re-Count

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A candidate in one of Nevada's tightest races during the Primary may be calling for a re-count.

News Channel 8 has also learned that Sharron Angle may take it a step farther and contest the election here in Washoe County, because some voters couldn't cast ballots the morning of Tuesday's Primary.

It was one of the most competitive - and negative - races in the 2006 Primary. Three well-known Republicans campaigned aggressively to win the party's nomination for the District Two Congressional Seat.

Secretary of State Dean Heller came out on top, by 428 votes over Nevada Assemblywoman Sharron Angle. And even though Angle has called to congratulate Heller, she hasn't given up.

Her campaign manager, Jerry Stacy, says Angle's supporters want a re-count. Stacy also says they'll consider taking it a step further, and contest the election here in Washoe County because they say some voters were disenfranchised.

You may recall that 10 out of 93 polling places got off to a late start on Election Day, because about 100 poll workers failed to show up.

Angle's spokesman says potential voters were turned away at some of the precincts where they expected a strong showing. So we went ahead and looked into Angel's options - at this point.

According to the secretary of state's office, Angle has every right to ask for a re-count. Dean Heller says he'd probably do the same thing, if he were in Angle's shoes.

But when it comes to contesting the election, it's far more complicated...according to Nevada's election laws, Sharron Angle simply can't do it.

The statute basically says any candidate can challenge the election, except for a candidate for the office of United States Senator or Representative in Congress.

State and county election officials we talked to say in spite of this law, anything can happen, and it would be up to a district court judge to decide on the matter.