Searchers Find Man Lost On Peavine Peak

Washoe County Sheriff's Office
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Yesterday's high temperature of 97 degrees beat the record set back in 1919, when the mercury hit 93.

And Washoe County Sheriff's deputies say the heat may have sent a local man to the hospital. Sheriff's search and rescue teams spent hours looking for the man in Dog Valley.

When finally found, the man was unconscious and unresponsive.

Authorities have not released his name or his health condition as yet, however KOLO-TV New Channel 8 knows he was flown to Washoe Medical Center last night by Care Flight.

It began with a phone call from a man around 4:30 Wednesday, saying his friend had just called from Dog Valley, saying he was lost and feeling dehydrated.

A short time later, search and rescue, the Hasty Team, and k-9 handlers set up their command post at the entrance to the Toiyabe National forest.

The air squadron chopper combed the woods while ground crews worked the trails on foot and with ATV's.

Searchers found the man around 7:30 on Peavine Peak near the radio towers. He was slumped over the wheel of his truck - alive but unconscious. "Just kind of off road sitting on the side of the hill," said Sgt. Rich Hodges of the Sheriff's Office. "Tthe truck was not damaged, looks like he stopped and he was unresponsive."

Deputies say this is a classic reminder of why people should always let their friends or family know where they're traveling and when they'll be back.

They also recommend people always carry water with them.

You never know when you'll need especially now as we're heading into the hottest time of the year.