Student Shed Locks in Support of Friend

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Hundreds of Reed High School students gathered in the school's quad at lunchtime Wednesday to witness their friends losing their hair.

Nine students volunteered to get their head shaved today to help raise money for a classmate who has cancer.

Cheers and tears in the quad at Reed High School today as nine brave students went under the razor, shaving their heads to raise money for Reed High School junior, Bill Edsall, who has an inoperable brain tumor.

"It's pretty much inoperable because of where it's located but they're pretty confident that they can shrink it and it hasn't really spread anywhere so we've still got hope, " says Yolanda Edsall, Bill's sister.

Bill was too sick to attend the fundraiser but his sisters took pictures so they could show him just how supportive his classmates are.

"What did you think when you heard people were going to shave their head? I cried," said Bills sister Christine. "I cried because I don't know how many people know Bill - but teenagers, they care a lot about how they look, would be willing to do this to support him - it's amazing."

As the locks came off, students dropped money in jars - money that will help fund Bill's treatment.

"Oh my god. I miss my hair. I love my hair so much, you have no idea," says freshman Andie Jones.

"I thought it was a good cause. It's helping out someone less fortunate," says junior Jennifer Apodaca . "It kind-of upsets me because he's part of our class and it's hard for somebody to go through that."

And as Jennifer got her head shaved, her mother cried - not only because her daughter was losing her hair but also because she was doing it to help a friend.

"I'm really emotional. I didn't realize she was so - uh, I'm at a loss for words. I didn't realize she was such an individual and support someone the way she is at such a young age. I'm very proud of her, I love her very much," says Rona Apodaca-Digesti.

The students raised $2,500 for Bill's treatment and the fundraiser was so successful, at least twelve more students volunteered to get their heads shaved tomorrow.

Bill's dad is a member of a bluegrass band and his band will be holding a benefit concert, called "Hopefest 2003" this Sunday at the Sparks Recreation Gym.

All the money raised, including the money raised during the second head-shaving event tomorrow, will go toward Bill's cancer treatment.