Double R Fire

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Reno firefighters are now calling the Double R fire that burned last night on Rattlesnake Hill, suspicious.
There are conflicting reports how many acres it charred...because the fire hasn't been mapped yet, but it is 100-percent contained.
Investigators have been out here all day...looking for the cause of the fire.
We know it started...100-yards east of Double 'R' Boulevard.
The fire put up a huge plume of smoke...that could seen throughout the Truckee Meadows.
The fire to the Triana North community.
In less than an hour, it quadrupled in size...from 15-acres to sixty.
Managers turned on the sprinklers...if the flames came down the hill, and towards dozens of town homes.
Light winds pushed the fire to the southeast...and into a business complex on Technology Way.
For a good part of the night, and into the morning...Bedlan Landscaping Incorporated was in danger.
Firefighters also saved another business...Motor Cargo, on Terabyte Court, which houses U-P-S freight...and a 20-thousand gallon diesel fuel tank.
Had *that could have been devastating.
Fortunately, it didn't...not even scorched paint.
The fire stopped at the fence...seventy feet away from the tank.
Amazingly...not one business, or home burned.
A few firefighters suffered some minor injuries...a sprained ankle here and there, from battling the blaze in total darkness.