Security Expert

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The former security director, of one of the nation's largest airlines, says Congress isn't doing enough to prevent terrorist attacks.
Doug Laird now runs an aviation security consulting firm here in Reno.
But, before that...he was Security Director for Northwest Airlines.
He says the Transportation Security Administration is doing a good job...considering their resources.
It's been nearly five years since 9-11...and Laird says, Congress still hasn't gotten security right at our nation's airports.
In the short term, he says the measures are adequate...but not the long term.
Laird admits he's not an explosives expert...but believes it will take three kinds of technologies to prevent future terrorist attacks.
First, being bottle scans...which can identify what's in a bottle without opening it.
Second, being body scans...which he knows the American public won't like.
And, third...being cat scans, for carry-on luggage.
In the meantime, Laird says we have to have good intelligence.
He says once terrorists get to the airport...they're far more difficult to stop.
Laird says good intelligence stopped today's alleged terror plot.
He says the British government should be commended for its efforts.