Fight in Sparks Leads to Felony Charges

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The people who live in a Sparks apartment complex had a lot of excitement last night. Police officers were everywhere after a fight led to gunshots.

We had heard that three people were hospitalized - one with gunshot wounds.

It turned out to not be so bad. Just a fight between two people.

Today officers know it started sometime between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. Monday night.

That's when a 27-year-old man who lives in the apartments, Ramon Alvarado-Quinones, got into a dispute with several boys of middle school age. The boys said he threatened them with the blade of a Leatherman-type multi-purpose tool. Then the boys left.

But about 9:00, the brother of one of the boys, 19-year-old Gustavo Saldana, went back to the Parkside Garden Apartments to confront Alvarado-Quinones. Police say he took a B-B pistol with him.

They say Saldano hit Alvarado-Quinones over the head with the B-B gun and Alvarado-Quinones stabbed Saldano.

Here's where it gets complicated:

While they were fighting, a group of people gathered in the parking lot to watch. Some of them assumed that was a real gun in the fight. One of them pulled out a real pistol and fired several shots in the air.

Saldana was treated for his stab wound and then released from the hospital, but he'll need surgery.

A blood trail led officers to Alvarado Quinones, who was hiding in some bushes behind the apartment complex, very intoxicated and suffering from a scalp wound. This evening he's charged with battery with a deadly weapon.