Safe-N-Sober Needs Help as Graduations Near

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With the school year coming to a close, the board of directors for the Safe and Sober graduation foundation is finding itself $10,000 short.

The foundation helps put on grad night parties for 10 high schools in Washoe County. About 1,600 students are expected to attend those functions this year.

The non-profit group says the budget shortfall will not affect the events this year, but there could be a snowball effect next year if the foundation doesn't get the funding.

The group is supported through private donations and donations from different parent groups at the high schools. Booster club members have also had to dip into next year's budget to pay for the parties this year.

"Each high school needs to do more fundraising and that's one of the avenues we're looking at," says Poppy Neves, booster club president at Hug High School.

"If you can get the community to rally behind the event and we can come up with a few dollars, it will be better for next year. We need to keep this going on," says Safe-N-Sober Foundation spokesman Ken Achurra.

If you'd like to help, you can make donations to any branch of Colonial Bank. Checks are payable to the Washoe County Safe and Sober Foundation - and your contribution is tax deductible.