Reno Cleaning Up Its Act

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People who keep track of such things say the Reno-Sparks area is cleaning up its act.
Staff and volunteers of Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful say a
drive-up survey rates the region halfway between "no litter" and
"slightly littered."
Crews complied the one-point-five litter index after surveying
15 regions Tuesday afternoon. The lowest score possible, meaning no
litter, is one. The highest is four.
The litter index, which was one-point-six each of the last three
years, is part of a nationwide Keep America Beautiful program that
provides a starting point for litter prevention.
When the surveying was first done in 2001, Washoe's litter index
was two-point-four.
Southeast Reno, Northwest Reno and the West Truckee Meadows were
cleanest with a near perfect score of one-point-one.
Sun Valley and Northeast Reno were most littered with a
two-point-one rating.