Terror Threat Tightens Airport Security

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Airport officials around Nevada advised travelers Thursday to pack carefully and check with airlines before arriving at an airport.
"The lines are getting long," said Carl Scarbrough, a
spokesman for the airport in Las Vegas, where security was
tightened following the announcement that authorities disrupted an
air travel terror plot in London. "It's going to take little
longer to get through the security process."
Officials braced for ripple-effect flight delays as
security increased and travel slowed at airports around the nation.
"It's best to call the airlines before coming to the airport,"
said Elaine Sanchez, another McCarran official.
U.S. Homeland Security on Thursday raised the threat level for
flights from Britain to "red," designating a severe risk of
terrorist attacks. All other flights, including domestic flights in
the United States, were put under an "orange," alert - one step
below the highest level.
Passengers were being advised not to carry liquid items in
carryon luggage, including bottled water, toothpaste, shampoo,
cologne, lotion and hair gel.
Transportation Security Administration officers were inspecting
baby formula and medicine before allowing it on aircraft.
In some airports, travelers were told to check laptop computers
and I-pods through with checked luggage.