Veterans Remembered With Honor

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The men and women who gave their lives for our country were remembered with pride Monday. Several hundred people made the drive to the Veterans Memorial Ceremony in Fernley for Memorial day, including Nevada Congressman Jim Gibbons.

A simple, yet poignant poem read by Robert Holtzer set the tone for the day. As taps echoed in the distance, the Veterans Memorial Cemetary was abuzz with life.

A few hundred chose to walk this hallowed ground, where so many service men and women lay to rest.

"Some had to come home. Some did not make it. We're happy to remember them, they're the true heroes," said Vietnam veteran Joseph Murray.

Those still standing know they're alive for a reason. They realize they can never fully repay the debt paid by these fallen soldiers.

But, they can pledge to uphold American ideals . . . for their children, and their children's children . . . who will eventually inherit our proud nation's legacy.

"When you see the flags it envokes memories of our country. See the soldiers, many who are dressed in uniforms, you realize the number of people who believe in this country," Congressman Gibbons said.

And its foundations, which were built 227 years ago.

The first memorial day was observed May 30th, 1868. Every year veterans, of all wars, are appreciated for their sacrifices made.

We know freedom isn't free.

Looking at the flags, you can see why.

After the ceremony people were asked to walk the cemetery and say thank you to the service men and women who served their country proud. they now lay in rest.

By the way, the Veterans Cemetery on Fernley has received a federal grant of nearly $3.5 million for an expansion. Veterans say the grant is a testiment to the hard work they've done to build a fitting memorial to the fallen service men and women buried there.