Local Officers Ensuring Motoring Safety

Drinking and Driving
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Thousands of Nevadians are expected to it the highways this Memorial Day weekend.

If you plan to be out on the roads, be sure to watch your speed and buckle up because Washoe County Sheriff's Deputies and Reno Police officers officers will be out in full force.

I met with Sheriff's deputies today here on the corner of McCarran and Sullivan to give you a heads up about a DUI checkpoint just up the street on El Rancho.

Deputies say they just want to get the word out to remind drivers to be extra careful this weekend.

Sgt. Mark Vorderbruggen patrolled the Sun Valley Area - including this DUI checkpoint area today. Dozens of citations were given out - mainly for speeding and not wearing seatbelts.

He says don't expect to get out of a ticket as he's heard all the excuses. According to Vorderbruggen, some of them include: "I don't know what the speed limit was, I was keeping up with the traffic, my speedometer is bad.,"

"Some are very valid, like I'm in a hurry to get my son to the bathroom," he says.

But even that bathroom emergency excuse won't work. Sometimes you just have to admit it.

"I was pulled over for speeding. . . . I believe I was," admitted motorist Joe Ingraham.

Officers hope, by taking this proactive approach, they will remind people to slow down before an accident happens.

So far it seems to be working.

"Keep your mind on the task at hand...driving. And be aware of your surroundings," Vorderbruggen says.

Deputies hope everyone will follow the rules so they too can have a nice Memorial Day weekend.

The check point will be going on until midnight . . . so drive safe!