Hot August Nights Spending

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Millions upon millions...that's how much Reno and Sparks make from Hot August Nights.
But, where exactly does the money go?
They look at the *entire eight day event.
They add up all of the five venues, in terms of car registration, but that's *only the beginning.
A survey done, at the end of each year, examines how much car participants spend...*along with their registration.
The study looks at visitors coming to the "biggest little city," and the money spent on hotels, food and entertainment.
*Plus, the locals spending patterns...event organizers say Reno/Sparks residents are a *big part of the cash flow.
Based on that formula, Hot August Nights claims it brought 800-thousand people to its event last year.
Coordinators then say...the event pumped 230-million dollars into the local economy.
The numbers aren't yet in for this year.
There's still a few days left of Hot August Nights.
We *do know 55-hundred cars registered...that's five hundred more than last year.
Organizers had the raise the total from five thousand...because of the demand.