Park Lane slated for demolition

Animal Discovery Center's Anicia Beckwith has had her critters here at Park Lane Mall for a little over a year.
The educational museum and animal science center is a frequent stop for children's programs.
Beckwith says she was happy when she received a lease here, and now she's excited about finding a new location.
" Six months is a long long time to see what animal discovery is all about and then follow through with my future plans."
Slot Car Warehouse Owner Marc Malone says he's already drawn up several business plans to see what his next logical step will be.
"Duplicating what I have here, I've also done one with just a hobby shop, and I've also done one with a larger operation with more race tracks."
Malone says because all businesses here were on a year to year lease, they knew the time would come when owners here would change directions.
And while it hasn't been the major shopping mall in town for has offered a place for voting, health faires, or non-profit to put down stakes.
They and the other businesses here have six months to leave before the mall is leveled...for what?
No one is saying.
Shoppers we talked to had mixed emotions about the news.
\Susan Debisschop says she was surprised about a move she sees as drastic. " I didn't think they would destroy it, I just thought maybe they would make it better. Susan's Friend Courtney Borsz says she can also see benefits with the mall's plans. "I think its good I mean its been here a long time half the mall is empty Clear up the real estate and bring something in here that is going to bring money revenues into the city."