Coast Guard Ensuring Safety on Tahoe

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As summer quickly approaches many locals and tourists think about taking a cruise on Lake Tahoe.

Tonight we'll show you how the U.S. Coast Guard makes sure the journey is safe.

You might not realize it, but the U.S. Coast Guard considers Lake Tahoe just as important as any U.S.port.

One of their duties here as in other parts of the country is to inspect every vessel that does commerce or carries passengers. That includes big boats which carry locals and tourists on Tahoe.

"They want to know that they'll have a good time and be safe. But, ultimately we want to know that no one gets hurt," says Cheif Warrant Officer Greg Miller.

So, Coast Guard members periodically conduct underwater surveys and annual inspections like this one.

Miller is checking every inch of this boat - the Tahoe Gal - from the top deck to the fuel lines in the engine room. He even inspects nearly every life jacket individually.

The Coast Guard says having the right safety equipment is key, but the most important part is the competence of the crew.

That's why Miller says this drill is so important.

During a "man overboard" drill, the crew keeps a close eye on the life jacket "victim" until the captain has them in sight. Then they swing into action to bring the "victim" onboard.

"We run then through all our safety equipment, life jackets things like that," says Tahoe Gal Captain Greg Johnston.

Captain Johnston says the training these crew members get is extensive and Chief Warrant Officer Miller seems to agree.

"I feel comfortable that if any type of emergency were to happen on board, they would be able to take care of that very safely and ensure the safety of all the passengers on board," Miller says.

The Tahoe Gal received either met or exceeded Coast Guard standards in every aspect of today's inspection.