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We continue our on-going coverage of the more than two dozen homeowners in Reno who were left with unfinished homes.

Today, inspectors from the state contractor's board took a tour of some of the affected homes in northwest Reno.

Investigators from the state contractors board, took pictures and made notes as they made their way through three homes at the Canterbury Place development in northwest Reno.

The three homes were built, but never completed, by Solano Development.

"For example, the garage mandoor that doesn't meet minimum industry standards by any means, the front yard landscaping he's paid for and hasn't been installed," says Gary Hoid of the Nevada State Contractors Board.

The inspector will now compile all the data and serve notice on Solano Development.

"There are items I found at three homes today that notices to correct will go out. The notice to correct gives the contractor so many days to have the items completed," says Hoid. "If they're not completed by then then the license is prepared for board hearing for disciplinary action against that license."

Solano's Development's license was suspended back in February but state laws allows the company to finish any project it started prior to the suspension.

In an effort to impress the contractor's board before their June 3rd hearing that will decide the fate of their license, Solano management finally hired a subcontractor to finish some of the work.

"I saw a Tholl fence truck outside of my yard and with some fence posts in the back and it was exciting. We've been waiting four months for this so that is exciting," says homeowner Joe Maez.

The fence is a welcome surprise because, homeowners say Solano Development has made all kinds of promises for months now and hasn't delivered..

The latest promise came in letter form last week.

The former head of Solano Development - management says he's no longer with the company and has no authority to make any promises - sent a letter to homeowners. The letter simply advised homeowners that any uncompleted work will be finished soon.

Meanwhile this past Monday, there were more promises from members of the RWR management team.

"They said now we will do all of these things here but we need help," Maez says. "One of the things to help is if we get our license suspended or revoked - they said suspended - they're limited as to what they can do and that's understandable and they said are you willing to help us and we said sure we're willing to help you."

So six homeowners at Canterbury Place signed the document - the document handwritten by the executive vice president of RWR.

The document reads "although we previously testified at the senate hearing or notified the license board we hereby request that the license board monitor the work of the contractors company for 90 days" it continues "please suspend any action for 90 days."

"They promised to complete the whole thing in ninety days - that's why we signed all that and today the fence man is here already so it looks promising," said homeownner John Van Veen.

But signs of debt for Solano development just keep cropping up.

In today's Reno Gazette-Journal there is a listing of delinquent tax payers. Solano Development appears more than fifty times on the list.

Ironically the list is compiled by county treasurer Bill Berrum - one of the people owed either money or a house by Solano Development.

A criminal case is still in the works and next tuesday is a hearing before state contractor's board.