No Vacancy

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During Hot August Nights, the hottest item to get your hands on is hotel key.

In all of Washoe County, there are 20,000 hotel rooms, according to the Reno-Sparks Visitors and Convention Authority. Do the math: 20-thousand rooms, 800-thousand visitors.

There are simply not enough rooms in town to accommodate the event's estimated 800,000 visitors. All hotels and motels are booked at least till the end of the week. Some die-hard fans of Hot August Nights are forced to drive in from miles and miles away, some staying in areas as far away as Yerington. People are forced to get even more creative to find rooms for this event.

Because hotel rooms are so scare, Bruce Walter with the Hot August Nights Organization suggests booking now...for 2008. And he's not joking.

Another way to find a place to stay, aside from calling and making reservations, is relatively new: online via websites like Type in Hot August Nights under housing and several dozen options will pop up.