Early Voting

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Washoe County is giving you even more ways to vote early in the upcoming primary. But how will these changes impact the way candidates vie for your support?
A growing number of Nevadans are willing to forego the tradition and excitement of voting on election day....to breeze through shorter lines and cross it off their to-do list ahead of schedule. In the 2004 general election, 63% Washoe County voters voted at the polls on election day, 15% voted absentee and 22% voted early.
Nineteen early polling stations opened on Saturday, and 2,100 people have already cast their votes.
“Oh I think its wonderful,” says 81-year-old Janet Lambert, who’s voting early. “You don't have to wait in long lines. This is just wonderful.”
But what if you make the wrong choice? As the election draws near, we start to hear a lot more from the candidates, and their ads begin to fill our commercial breaks.
“I suppose there's somebody who might say oops, I should've waited because I just found something out,” says Washoe County spokesman Mike Wolterbeek.
But Wolterbeek, along with election officials and campaign consultants agree that most early voters have done their homework, and they've based their decisions on the issues, not the “mud-slinging.” Experts say many voters tune out the negative and personal attacks that tend to heat up as election day draws near. So unless it's a major candidate flaw or scandal, chances are, early voters will stand by their choices.
Campaign consultants we talked to also say the growing trend of early voting forces candidates to budget their money even better, and hit the streets immediately with consistent messages.