Bicyclist's Family Seeks Justice

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David's Pumphrey's widow, Patsy, is still trying to make sense of the tragedy...and how her family's lives have been turned upside down in such a short time.

On the afternoon of July 20th, David Pumphrey was riding his bike north on Double R Boulevard in Southeast Reno, heading toward the intersection of Sandhill Road and Double R. A car was heading east on Sandhill, and that's where they collided. Reno Police say the driver turned right and cut off Pumphrey, causing him to slam into the side of the car. The driver then took off.

The accident has raised many unanswered questions for David's family. Like, how exactly did the accident happen? And, why did the driver take off?

Police are looking for a light-blue sedan, possible a Subaru 4x4. The driver described as a heavy-set white female with brown hair, between 45-50 years old.

Secret Witness is offering a $1,000 reward for any information on this case.

David's family is seeking the meantime, they hope their tragic loss could save other lives. They want to make it known that driver awareness is critical, and not paying attention while driving can be deadly.

The family wants Pumphrey to be remembered as a man who loved his community (he served as a Douglas County Commissioner from 1988 to 1996) and as someone who loved the out-of-doors and adventurous vacations...but most important, his family.

Services for David Pumphrey will be held this Saturday, August 5th at Trinity Episcopal Church on Island Street in Downtown Reno at 10:30. The public is invited to attend to celebrate the life of this remarkable and accomplished man.