Washoe County School Board Reviews School Performance

Washoe Schools Rated
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Even before President Bush's No Child Left Behind Act was put into place, the Washoe County School District focused on making sure all children could read by the end of the third grade.

And on Thursday night, the school board reviewed the designations of each school.

School officials say some schools have turned around this year, and they're seeing a lot of progress in math and reading scores. But nine elementary schools and five middle and high schools in our area are still in need of improvement.

The elementary schools include Bailey Charter, Booth, Lemmon, Lincoln, Mariposa Academy, Silver Lake, Smithridge, Spanish Springs, and Sun Valley Elementary Schools.

The middle schools include Damonte Ranch and O'Brien Middle Schools.

The high schools include Hug, I Can Do Anything Charter, and Sparks High School.

The final designations will be made by August 1st.