"Boil Your Water" Order Issued Near Stateline

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A mandatory Boil Water Order was issued Thursday night for more than 2,000 customers of Kingsbury Grade and areas near Stateline.

Customers from the Kingsbury Grade area to Lake Village, and to the Highway 50 and Kahle Drive areas of Stateline are urged to boil their water for one minute and cool it before use for drinking, food
preparation, brushing teeth, icemaking or dishwashing.

The order came after trace amounts of groundwater was found leaking into the distribution system of the Kingsbury General Improvement District.

The order is in effect for at least one week, and was handed down by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection.

Direct customers affected by the order include several restaurants and businesses, as well as permanent and seasonal homes.

Officials say the leak is due to an unusually high groundwater table that has elevated along with the rising level of Lake Tahoe and a failed seal. Shallow groundwater was discovered leaking into the clear well from where the district pumps water into the distribution system. The leak was around a pipe that delivers chlorine to the clearwell.