Lt. Governor Race Gets Hot

Decision 2006

: I'd like to ask you Mister Krowlicki when this ad comes into your home every day and every night and your children watch it, do you sit there and proudly tell your adorable three girls that daddy produced this commercial? You should be ashamed of yourself." Those were the comments of Republican Candidate for Lieutenant Govenor Barbara Woollen today after her opponent released a controversial ad called "Two Faces" It claims Woollen's company Cinelease is involved in pornography.
Announcer: "Woollen owns a company that works on pornographic films."
Joe Ball\ the V.P of Marketing for Cinelease--Woollen'c Company--explained how the production house works. " We make sure they are viable company we make sure they have insurance, we make sure they can pay their bill. What they do with the equipment after they've got it we don't know we don't have script supervision."
Woollen has filed a libel and slanfer law suit against Krowlicki's campaign. It claims the issues brought up by the ad have caused her to suffer special damages, as well as damaged her reputation and created severe and emotional pain and suffering.
While that may all be true....the ads are considered "political speech" and afford Krowlicki special protection.
Warren Lerude, a Media and Law professor with UNR'S school of journalism expalins. " People who enter into the fray of politics enter into political speech, And it is rough and tumble and a lot of it gets nasty but that's what the history of this country sometimes unfortunately is, is some pretty nasty dialogue in politics."
Lerude says to win her case, Woollen would have to prove the ads were false and Krowlicki ran with them any way. Krowlicki says that won't happen. " The campaign and I stand behind the ad, it is factual. And I know Ms. Woollen was distressed with the commercial but she still has yet to point out what is factually is not correct. it's the truth."