Casinos Say Anti-Smoking Efforts Misleading

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A gambling industry lawyer says backers of a petition to outlaw smoking in most public places misled voters by falsely claiming the ban wouldn't extend to all Nevada hotel and motel rooms.
Nevada Resort Association lawyer Todd Bice has filed briefs
asking the Supreme Court to remove the anti-smoking petition from
the November ballot because signers were told that the smoking ban
wouldn't include hotel and motel rooms when the opposite is true.
Bice quotes Michael Hackett, campaign manager for Nevadans for
Tobacco-Free Kids, who said in June that it wasn't his
organization's intent to include hotel and motel rooms in the
smoking ban - but it wouldn't appeal a judge's ruling that says
that's what the proposal does.
Hackett says his organization didn't mislead anyone. He points
out it was Carson City District Judge Bill Maddox, who in a June
fifth decision said the way the petition was worded meant the
smoking ban applied to hotel and motel rooms.