Fire Season Expected to Be Busy

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Dick Stoddard mentioned thunderstorms as a possibility for the end of the week. Nevadans know when there's lighting, there's a danger of wildfire.

Our fire and water officials will tell us it's going to be a bad fire
season no matter what. But they have good reason to say that this year.

We've had an unusually wet spring this year. The Truckee River basin and the Tahoe Basin both have nearly one and a half times as much water locked into the snow as we have most years.

But we reported last week we're still in drought.

Here's the latest look at drought conditions in the western United
States through the eyes of the National Weather Service.

It shows the city of Reno in moderate drought - and parts of
central Nevada in severe or extreme drought. Because the land and the plants haven't recovered from several years of drought.

We can be thankful for a late start to what we think of as fire
season this year. But Dondero gave me some perspective on that.

We had four wildfires this weekend near Markleeville, all caused by
children playing with matches. Fortunately, they didn't spread far.

Firefighters will have their hands full without anybody setting

Half of all fires on Forest Service land are caused by lighting. The other half by humans - usually from campfires that get get out
of control.

That's a good reminder this time of year.