Local Judge Wants Campaign Limits

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A Reno judge is trying again to get the Nevada Supreme Court to pass a rule that would prohibit judges and judicial candidates from personally soliciting or accepting campaign contributions.
Washoe County District Judge Brent Adams' petition to the high
court follows recent news articles that focused on allegations of
judicial improprieties and cronyism in Las Vegas state and federal
Adams tried unsuccessfully to get the high court to consider the
proposal in the mid-1990s. Under the plan, judicial candidates and
judges up for re-election would have to use committees to get
contributions and run campaigns.
Adams says that only Nevada and North Carolina allow judges to
directly seek contributions. He adds other states that adopted a
model rule providing for the committee process have proved that
direct fundraising by judges isn't necessary.
Despite his fear that the high court won't act on his petition,
Adams says he's filing it anyway because --quote-- "judging and
money do not mix."