Sheriffs Investigating Double Shooting

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The Washoe County Sheriff's Office has identified the man who tried to kill his estranged girlfriend, and then turned the gun on himself.

We were told after the shooting that the woman was pregnant, but there's been some question about that today.

There's still some confusion as to whether she was pregnant and, because of patient confidentiality, we're not finding out many answers.

Authorities say after treating 20-year-old Jennifer Rodriguez today it was revealed she may be 7-weeks pregnant, but doctors need to run further tests.

Deputies say Rodriquez was going over to her boyfriend's parents' house to drop off a child when she and her boyfriend got into some kind of argument.

Twenty-four-year-old Estaban Pinedo shot her in the upper chest in the entry way to the home. Authorities say the couple was having problems with their relationship.

"I think there's been strife in recent weeks and this was a culmination of that strife," says Sgt. Clyde Terrell. "Still don't know the details of the argument."

Sheriff's deputies haven't been able to interview Rodriguez as she's still in hospitalized at Washoe Medical Center. They say they may never know why Pinedo tried to kill her.

He was later found dead by deputies in the hills behind the home.

"When they started a search of the ridgeline, they found him deceased. Self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head and a gun next to him."

Next-door neighbor Shirley Barnett says the Pinedo's were a quiet family who kept to themselves most of the time. The only strange thing she says...was how many people came in and out of the house each day.

"We really don't know what's going on . . . boyfriends, girlfriends all like this. Don't know what's going on, " Barnett says.

Some residents say they weren't concerned when they heard the gunfire, because people often fire guns in the area.

They were shocked to learn what happened. "I'm really surprised. Didn't hear the shots. Never thought their would be a shooting," Barnett says.

Authorities say prior to the shooting there was no reported violence between the couple. Esteban Pinedo has a prior record that dates back to 1999 but deputies tell me he's only been charged with misdemeanors.