Downtown Motel Sweep

These Rooms had a view, but nothing you'd want to look at.
A communal men's bathroom with a clogged sink, the women's tub water just keeps running.
In this room the tenant left abruptly his brother was suppose to clean it.
With all the garbage and food there was no question the City Heart Motel was infested with cockroaches, bed bugs and one renter here had scabies.
John Knight says he's lived here since last november and heard about the inspection from management.
Code enforcement selected the City Heart Motel as part of a city wide effort to clean up neighborhoods one property at a time.
From the outside officials say they knew they'd find problems inside, and they weren't proved wrong.
Wiring was not up to code, here in the basement water leaked from floors above but that didn't compare to the amount of beer consumed down here by whom.
In this crowded store room, there was evidence of someone smoking.
Joe Henry from the city's code enforcement, ": We had a couple of rooms that we just noticed have no natural light and ventilation, little things we see a bunch of junk and debris, making sure the property owner knows about that and gets rid of it." Owners have 60-days to reapir safety code violations.