Nevada Jumps Up In Presidential Contests

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Democrats bucked decades of tradition today by moving to wedge the state of Nevada between the long-standing one-two punch of Iowa and New Hampshire in the leadoff nominating contests for president in 2008.
In an effort to provide more diversity in early voting, the
Democrats' rules and bylaws committee recommended that Nevada be
allowed to hold a caucus the Saturday after Iowa's leadoff caucus -
likely to be held January 14th.
The full Democratic National Committee will have to approve
during its August meeting in Chicago before the changes are put in
The move was praised by top party officials, who noted almost a
quarter of Nevada's population is Hispanic. Iowa and New Hampshire
are predominantly white.
Top Nevada Democrats also hailed the recommendation, saying it
would propel Western issues such as water, growth and public lands
mananagement into the national debate.
National Committeeman Steven Horsford, a state senator from
North Las Vegas, praised Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid for
playing a major role in the decision and predicted the change would
win approval from the full D-N-C.