Ex-Corrections Officer Sentenced In Sex Assault

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A former corrections officer was sentenced today to life in prison with no parole possible for at least 10 years for sexually assaulting a Reno woman in her home two years ago.
48-year-old Jerome Urban was convicted earlier this year of the
assault in the Edgewater subdivision in west Reno.
The woman woke up on September 25th, 2004 to find Urban on top
of her and sexually assaulting her. She says she elbowed Urban,
stood up and broke a glass table, which allowed her to grab her
clothes and run down the street for help.
Washoe County Deputy District Attorney Kelli Anne Viloria says
it is ironic that the man who used to work in the prison system as
a corrections officer for inmates now must face his new life behind
bars being one.
She says Urban expressed concern for his safety in prison, but
she says he should have thought about that earlier.