Titus Stumps Reno

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Gubernatorial hopeful Dina Titus is disputing the idea that her Democratic primary opponent Jim Gibson has a better chance of winning the general election because he is more of a moderate.
Titus also said today that her pro-choice stand on abortion will
be a "huge issue" in the August 15th primary against the
Henderson mayor, a Mormon who opposes abortion except in cases of
rape, incest or if the life of the mother is at stake. Gibson
Titus says she expects what she calls "real Democrats" to turn
out and vote for the "real Democrat in the race."
She was flanked at Ildewild Park in Reno today by leaders of
labor, minority, environmental, education and reproductive rights

Titus says that Newsweek magazine named five top governors in
the nation last year and two were Democratic women in "very
conservative states" -- Janet Napolitano of Arizona and Kathleen
Sebelius of Kansas.
She says the did not win by trying to pretend to be a
Republican. She says they won by giving straight talk, doing hard
work and offering sensible solutions.
Gibson's campaign spokesman Adam Candee says Titus' claim about
being the "real Democrat" is "a tired old charge." He says
Gibson has been a Democrat since the day he could register to vote.
Candee says their polls show that Gibson is more electable when
it comes to a general election. He says Titus attracts little
support in Washoe county.