Governor Cleared

CARSON CITY - "This is good news"

Gibbons says he didn't care when the good news came...even if it was just the day before the presidential election. He says two weeks ago he met with the FBI and has spent nearly two-hundred-thousand dollars in his two year defense; there probably couldn't have been a better outcome. But he says the e-Treppid case is just one in line of false accusations against him.

"All you have to do is look at, even in the Lamoille Tax case, and that gives a very clear example of a continuation of this effort by some in partisan politics."

The Governor says there's a pattern here of false and malicious accusations by people who are trying to ruin his reputation.

"You know, you are a very intelligent individual. You can figure it out who said anything. And why they've raised issues like this even though knowing, when I said they were false and malicious continue to raise the issues, either through what they do, how they said it, and quite honestly I think that's an easy issue to do. I'm not the one that needs to go back out there and point the finger at anybody."

He says while important, the e-Treppid case never kept him from doing the governor's business. He says he's going to focus on moving the state forward and will take suggestions from anyone on how to jump start the silver state's economy and budget crisis.