Last Minute Push For Votes

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With just over 24 hours until election day polls will close, both presidential campaigns are making one last push to score votes.

Senators John McCain and Barack Obama supporters say they won't rest until the last voter has marked their ballot Tuesday night.

Despite national poll numbers and predictions, there also seems to be a local poll going on at a south Reno bakery. Pastry chefs have seen first-hand how close the presidential race really is.

Cookies shaped like red elephants and blue donkeys have been flying off the shelves at Josef's Vienna Café & Bakery...but apparently the donkeys have been selling just a little bit more.

Pastry Chef Elisa Dixon says the past few weeks, the presidential race has turned into almost a dead heat.

"It's not scientific. So the last election with the elephants, obviously George Bush won, and this year it's a little bit closer. But who's to say people aren't buying the opposite affiliation and then taking a bit out of it?" said Dixon.

Both campaigns are taking advantage of the close race, sending dozens of volunteers out on foot to try to sway voters, on the day before the election.

Obama supporter Bonnie Barber says volunteers have been able to change the minds of some voters, especially ones who remained undecided.

"Another canvaser was talking to a man who has concerns about Senator Obama's position on gun control, and he was able to get information to show that Obama supports gun ownership and the 2nd amendment," said Barber.

McCain volunteer Jose Casillas came to Reno from the Bay Area. He says he knew McCain had no chance of winning California, so he took his efforts elsewhere.

"I feel very strong about McCain, what he's done in the Senate, the person he is, the things he's accomplished," said Casillas.

Volunteers on both sides say despite the polls, scientific or not...until 7:00 p.m. on election night, every single second will count.

Please be advised that all Washoe County School District schools will be closed Tuesday for Election Day. Classes will resume on Wednesday, November 5.