LAX Power Outage Affects Reno-Tahoe International

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Thousands of airline passengers across the country were inconvenienced this evening because of a power outage at LAX.

Here at Reno-Tahoe International Airport officials reported one canceled flight and 15 others delayed.

The power went out at the Los Angeles Air Route Traffic Control Center around 5:30 Tuesday evening. This affected all telephone, electrical and radar functions. For almost three hours, no planes were allowed to fly in or out of LAX.

SoCal Edison, the area's power company, says the problems began when a car crashed into a power pole around 4 o'clock. The air traffic control center's backup generator sensed a problem, kicked in, but then failed. The cause of that failure is still under investigation.

Because flights and airports are connected like a web, today's failure impacted travelers going in and out of Reno. One Horizon Air flight was canceled, and 15 others were delayed that included ten arrival flights to Reno and 5 departures.