"Final Fu" Found in Sparks?

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20-year old Michelle Spencer is sweet and friendly...but not someone you'd want to mess with. Her toughness and 16 years of marshall arts experience made her an ideal candidate for "Final Fu."

MTV's "Final Fu" pits athletes with different backgrounds against each other to determine which marshall art reigns supreme.

Michelle Spencer's a triple threat and holds a third degree in mixed marshall arts: Brazilian Jujitsu, Muy Thai Boxing and Tae Kwon Do.

Not someone who seeks the spotlight, let alone air time on national television, Michelle says her reasons for participating are like a one-two punch.

One, a personal challenge and a way to bring fresh energy to her studio. Also, she loves her training and wants to bring more attention to the sport of marshall arts.

Not to mention... a way to spread the message that girls can be tough. At Freestyle Martial Arts Academy in West Reno, Michelle instructs young kids, roughly half of them girls.

Michelle, a nutrition student at UNR took the spring semester off in January.

Starting Monday, July 17, "Final Fu" will air every day for the next four weeks on MTV and MTV2. Because of contract restrictions, Michelle can't tell us when or if she gets booted out. We'll all just have to tune in and watch.