Campaigns Ramp Up Efforts in Washoe

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Both Democrats and Republicans say they are intensifying efforts in the Reno area with election day only one full day away.

At the McCain Victory Headquarters in Reno, Republicans were phone-banking. Sunday, they were encouraging Nevadans to support Senator John McCain and to show up at the polls on election day.

"Mostly we're calling like elderly people because they're mostly... undecided," Allison Pfirrman, a student phone-banking for McCain, said.

The "California Calvary," a group of 150 Californians, are in the area working to swing Nevada into the GOP column, Republicans said.

Senator Barack Obama's campaign is also getting assistance from residents of California, a state that is not traditionally a swing state.

Democratic ticket supporters were making calls to let people know they can report polling place problems.

"There's a voter protection effort that's being coordinated to make sure that there are no problems at the polling places and that people who are registered and eligible to vote can vote," Max Rettig, a Stanford student making calls for Obama, said.

Obama supporters were also calling people to encourage support for the Illinois senator.

However, the Obama Campaign said it's focus is now in-person contacts, and hundreds knocked on doors on Sunday. The campaign said the effort will continue, even on the morning of election day.

Republicans said six to seven thousand doors were knocked on Saturday -- and four thousand, mostly in Carson City, on Sunday.