Governor's Mansion Gets A Makeover For Halloween

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As is Halloween tradition, the Governor hosted trick-or-treaters at the Governor's Mansion in Carson City.

When things first got started at around five o'clock, it looked like this might be a rainy Halloween and even though it was a little bit chilly, every trick-or-treater went home happy.

The Governor's Mansion got a big makeover on Friday night, with witches and severed heads filling up the front lawn.

"It's pretty cool," said Drew Briggerman, a trick-or-treater. "Because there's a lot of people, but the line goes fast and the decorations are awesome."

For some youngsters, the haunted mansion was a little bit too scary, but for others like three-year-old Tommy Calliser, it was just right.

"I like it because this is a spooky house," said Calliser.

Thousands of trick-or-treaters waited on short lines to take photos with the governor and fill up their Halloween bags with candy. First-timers rushed their parents out the door to get a taste of the action.

"She couldn't wait to get her makeup on," Danielle Christensen said about her daughter who dressed up as a mouse. "And get dressed up and she's just enjoying the lights."

Trick-or-treaters danced in the streets while mimes impersonated the unsuspecting. "Iron Man," "Dorothy" and "Cavewomen" also made an appearance.

The costumes ranged from the common to the utterly bizarre, like an Uncle Sam impersonator who calls himself "Canoli."

"Canoli is an Italian pastry," said the Uncle Sam impersonator. "It's a little loose and wrapped a little bit tight and it's a little flaky, so I figured I'd be a good Uncle Sam this year.

Uncle Sam was in attendance, but a familiar face was not. First Lady Dawn Gibbons typically hands out candy with the Governor, but this year she did not show up.

The parents of Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin were also supposed to be at the mansion, but scheduling conflicts forced them to cancel. However, they will be in Reno on Saturday afternoon.