Ballot Question IVGID #7

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The question is advisory only: Do you support the reorganization of the Incline Village General Improvement District into the unincorporated Town of Incline Village?

Incline Village has a population of about 10,000. Located right on the north side of Lake Tahoe, it currently is set up as a General Improvement District within Washoe County. That means members on the GID can make decisions about water, sewer, recreation and garbage. But some Incline Villagers say they want more. That's why they're asking voters to approve a measure that could ultimately turn Incline into an unincorporated town.

"It will allow us legally to engage in planning and design review maybe cleanup the commercial corridor here. And try to do what South Lake Tahoe has done. But they are a city they can do it, we can't, "says Jim Clark who supports #7

Clark says the move would mean local taxpayers' funds would be spent in Incline Village more efficiently. Town plans would be reviewed by employees, and projects vetted at local meetings. But even if it passes, it still needs to go to the state legislature. There, lawmakers would have to change state statutes so the town could enjoy the GID benefits of governance, administration and bonding authority. That has some residents worried about number seven. Take longtime resident Maryanne Ingermanson for instance.

"I don't like things that say just trust us you know. And I don't know who will be serving in the legislature next year. And just getting something like this though because it has to affect the entire state and its very difficult."

Ingemanson worries that a lot of important decisions would be placed in the hands of a few town board members if IVGID passes and lawmakers alter Nevada statutes. And while the idea of a small town may sound great, she says there will be costs associated with it that have not been calculated. Extra costs Incline Village residents don't yet know about but will be ultimately be responsible for.

The North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District says it cannot endorse IVGID #7 until state lawmakers amend the Nevada Revised Statute 269 which would provide a seamless transition from GID to unincorporated town.