Augustine Funeral

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After suffering an apparent heart attack last Saturday, the late state controller, Kathy Augustine, was laid to rest this morning in Las Vegas.
Governor Guinn remembered her as "vibrant" and "healthy."
But, a sea of controversy...surrounds Augustine's sudden death.
Her husband tried to commit suicide yesterday...and questions still remain about how she died.
Noticeably absent from Kathy Augustine's funeral was her husband...Chaz Higgs.
He was released from the hospital, last night, after reportedly "slitting his wrists."
No members of Augustine's family spoke at the memorial service...saying they would issue a statement early next week.
But, the governor was well as several state officials.
Governor Guinn the former state controller, Augustine was responsible for collecting millions of dollars for the state.
It's that tenacity...her colleagues will sorely miss.
Some of her critics would disagree...after allegations of official misconduct arose, against Augustine, in 2003.
She wound up being the first constitutional officer, in state history, to be impeached *and convicted.
Her husband said...the stress of trying to get her political career back on track, by campaigning for state treasurer this year, may have led to her apparent heart attack.
Officially, Augustine's cause of death hasn't been determined.
Reno police are still waiting for toxicology reports...which could take several weeks.
The Associated Press has already reported...preliminary results, from her autopsy, showed *no evidence of long term heart disease.