Heroes Honored

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They are trained to risk their lives, in order to save others. But when gunshots rang out in Reno's family court back on June 12th, their skills were truly put to the test.
The target of last month's sniper-shooting, Family Court Judge Chuck Weller, was front and center as the Washoe County Sheriff's Office honored deputies and court security officers, for their bravery...as chaos unfolded the morning of June 12th.
“Deputies kept direct pressure on my chest and helped me from bleeding to death,” Weller said.
His administrative assistant, Annie Allison, was also injured by bullet fragments. Undersheriff Mike Haley says she could've panicked or run for cover but instead, Allison called Weller's family, to tell them to get out of the house, fearing they were in danger. Allison was given the highest honor in the courtroom ceremony, the sheriff's star.
“I feel like I don't deserve this at all,” Allison said.
She says the true heroes are the men and women who put their lives at risk each and every day, as they secure these courtrooms, and patrol our streets.
“I'm humbled by their willingness to put the judge and our lives before their own,” Allison said.
One by one.....they stepped forward as the undersheriff shared their stories of courage in front of family and friends. During the ceremony, there was no mention of the man who once stood before Judge Weller, but is now behind bars, accused in his shooting, and the murder of his ex-wife. Darren Mack is due back in court on august 8th.


Level I Awards: Various

Ms. Annie Allison - Sheriff's Star
WCSO Sergeant Tim O'Connor - Bronze Star
WCSO Deputy David Croxon - Bronze Star
WCSO Deputy Gale Mair - Sheriff's Star
WCSO Deputy Mike Malloy - Bronze Star
WCSO Deputy Gary Martin. - Commendation
WCSO Deputy Richard Nelson - Commendation
WCSO Deputy Drue Stafford - Bronze Star
WCSO Deputy William Wilhoyte - Sheriff's Star
RPD Officer Chris Carter Sr. - Sheriff's Star

Level II Awards: Exemplary Performance

WCSO Lieutenant Steve Keller
WCSO Sergeant Jim Beltron
WCSO Sergeant Stacey Hill
WCSO Sergeant Dave Nickerson
WCSO Deputy Jamie Barros
WCSO Deputy Jason Daniels
WCSO Deputy Amber Dause
WCSO Deputy Ron Harvey
WCSO Deputy Brian Harris
WCSO Deputy Scott Kreber
WCSO Deputy Scott Linder
WCSO Deputy Bryan Radli
WCSO Deputy Kerry Saulnier
WCSO Deputy Dana Thompson-Smith
WCSO CSO Supervisor Kevin Costa
WCSO CSO Gerald Anagnostou
WCSO CSO Leanne Jensen
WCSO CSO Marla Mathews
WCSO CSO Carolyn Nadeau
WCSO CSO Kenneth Whitten