Murder Suspect Caught

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Just after 11 this morning, police tracked down 29-year-old Jacob Smith.
Police were searching a Sparks neighborhood for the murder suspect. Investigators focussed in the area of Sullivan, El Rancho, Pauline and Jessie. Residents there were asked to stay in their homes.
Jacob Smith is a suspect in a murder on May 9th. On that day, 25-year-old Richard Duarte was found dead in the parking lot of Home Suites Apartments on Nichols and McCarran. Later that day, the swat team stormed an apartment, looking for a man and woman but came up empty-handed. Soon after, they located Natalie Wolfe, Smith's companion, but have been unable to locate Smith.
At around 9 Friday morning, Sparks Police along with RPD and the Highway Patrol began a yard-to-yard search for Smith.