Missing Sparks Woman Found

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Jessica Logan was safely located in Sparks Friday afternoon. Her family says she returned to pick up her work paycheck, after missing from their home for five days. They also say Jessica, who has a diminished mental capacity, has been in San Francisco with a man she recently met through a dating service. Sparks Police say the man isn't facing any charges, because Jessica is an adult. Her family says they're extremely concerned about the situation, and worried that Jessica will leave again with a man they consider a stranger.

Previous Report:
Julia Simonin hasn't seen her older sister Jessica since Sunday afternoon, when she showed up at their Sparks apartment with a man she recently met through a dating service.

"She didn't seem happy to me, Simonin says. "She didn't look like herself."

Simonin says her sister didn't go out or socialize with anyone other than family, and has never spent the night away from home. She also says Jessica doesn't miss work, but she's skipped four days this week, without calling in. Jessica also suffers from chronic asthma, has a heart murmur, and a diminished mental capacity...which is why her family is fearing the worst.

"She might be out there, not knowing she's in trouble or in need of help, or being held against her will," Simonin says. "She might not understand and not call us."

Commander Steve Asher says Jessica's mom has received text messages from her cell phone, saying she's okay. But police consider these messages suspicious. Julia says the text messages are absolutely not from her sister, because they include words and phrases she wouldn't use.

"She's just a fun, caring person," Simonin says. "And it just hurts to see if someone has taken her away from us."

Jessica Marie Logan is 23 years old, just over five feet tall, 140 pounds, with brown eyes and long brown hair she wears back in a pony tail.

If you have any information, call Sparks Police or make an anonymous call to Secret Witness 322-4900.