Former Fallon Coach Charged

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FALLON - A former Fallon High School softball coach has been charged for her participation in a party she hosted where a 15-year-old girl told police she was gang raped.

38-year old Tami Peel is charged with five counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, a misdemeanor and one count of child abuse, neglect or endangerment, a gross misdemeanor, in a complaint filed by the attorney general's office.

As we've previously reported, a 15 year old girl who attended the January party later told investigators she was gang raped by as many as five-teens.

The girl’s mother told KOLO 8 she had been assured by Peel that the party would be a girls-only affair, watching movies and eating pizza. No boys, no alcohol. In fact, some who attended the party told KOLO-8 that Peel supplied alcohol for the party and at one point in the evening left with others to purchase more beer. That account is backed up by affidavits filed in support of the charges.

Five different youths ranging in age from 14 to 19 describe Peel purchasing vodka and furnishing it to those at the party. Then, later in the evening, two witnesses told an investigator they accompanied her to a nearby convenience store where she bought three cases of beer which she brought back to the party.

The complaints included no charges concerning the sexual allegations. The 15 year old girl told investigators she became very intoxicated at the party and didn’t recall much of what had happened, but was told at school the next day she had had sexual relations with four or five young men.

The affidavits also include descriptions by other children at the party as young as eight years old witnessing sexual encounters. Deputy Attorney General Rhonda Clifton told a decision on further charges could be coming “soon.”

There were potential conflicts from the beginning of the case. The incident happened at a time when Fallon was without a Police Chief. One of the boys allegedly involved is the son of a prominent member of the Fallon legal community.

The case was originally investigated by the Fallon Police Department, but because of potential conflicts, Fallon officials asked the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office to assist. Lyon County investigators told KOLO 8 News in August, they were simply asked to try to interview a few witnesses.

Then three months after the incident Churchill County District Attorney's Office withdrew from the case citing conflicts of interest and asked the attorney general’s office to take the case.