Local Businesses See Political Profits

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During these tough economic times, many business owners are looking for ways to help them stay afloat. And recently, their efforts have taken a political turn.

Some local companies are capitalizing on this year's presidential election, a race that's attracted record-high interest.

Some of the signs are obvious. In any election, campaign garb is going to be in high demand...but this year, even more so.

Klaus Grimm owns Blue Moon Promotional products in South Reno. He says considering the economy, business is great...and this year, he's seeing something he never has before..."unofficial campaign gear," paid for out-of-pocket by local citizens.

"There's more interest, more demand. People want to show support. They're more outspoken. It looks like there's a greater divide," said Grimm.

There's there's the less obvious. Major corporate retail chains using the concept of voting as a way to get people in the door. At"The Gap," exercising your right is the theme of their entire campaign.

One local mom says she's happy the store is exposing her daughter to such an important issue.

"Unfortunately, a lot of elections can be negative, and if we keep it positive, that's what America is built on, is democracy. So I think it's a good thing, " said Christine Rost of Reno.

Finally, there's the not so obvious. At the "Melting Pot World Emporium" head shop on South Virginia Street, a colorful political display graces their front window, which the owner hopes will not only bring in business, but also help a cause he's passionate about.

"It's also about exercising your constitutional right as an American and voting, and not wasting your vote. Whoever you vote for, at least vote. That's what counts," said Eric Baron, owner of The Melting Pot.

He's even offering a ten percent discount if you can prove you voted...an offer good through November 11th.

"Has it brought us more business? Um, I don't know. But it hasn't hurt us," said Baron.

And if you have purchased any campaign garb this year, remember, you can't wear it when you go to the polls.

In Nevada, it's illegal to wear any buttons, t-shirts, or other insignia that promotes a candidate or cause. If you do, you could be charged with a misdemeanor crime.